The Cascadian Divide is a new punk rock band from Seattle, WA. Influences include: Pennywise, Bad Religion, NOFX, Propagandhi, Pulley, Lagwagon, Millencolin, Iron Chic, Adrenalized, Mute, Belvedere, and many more. Our sound is similar to 90's skate punk mixed with 2000's pop punk and harmonic hardcore.

We initially started out as a fun side project, to pass the time while our lead guitarist, Tyler, was stuck in Ireland during the first COVID lockdown in early 2020. Tim had never been a lead singer before, but always wanted to give it a try. Tim was the drummer for one of our earlier band's, Regional Faction, but he also plays drums in a couple of other bands on Vashon Island, WA.

What started out as an experiment and fun side project quickly became something we all realized was worth pursuing further. The songwriting was flowing almost too easily, and the sound we were creating was energizing and exciting. When Tyler returned from Ireland, he filled in the missing piece of sweet leads and harmonies.

2021 kept us busy with writing, practicing, and recording the songs on our debut EP, "This Time." We rounded out the year with a handful of shows at local Seattle bars like The Kraken, Darrel's Tavern, and Funhouse.

Tyler, Jeff, Scott, and Jared had an earlier project, Longward.

Tyler, Jeff, Scott and Tim and an even earlier project, Regional Faction.

The Cascadian Divide is a merger of the two, with Tim on lead vocals, and Jared on the drums.

We are:

Tim de la Norton - Lead Vocals
Jared Clay - Drums
Tyler Hoggatt - Lead Guitar
Jeff Schellhase - Bass
Scott Riedy - Rhythm Guitar